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I'm now officially closed.

I now can dub my shows to DVD now.
I do not trade for money, because that is illegal.
I also do not trade for blank tapes that's also a no no.
I only now trade shows on VHS or DVD
I was ripped off many times, so if you do a trade with me, you must send first.
Minimum is 2 hours.

These are the People who Traded with Me
Todd Cross, Greg Garsten,  Seneca John, Anton Spivack, Tammy Warner, Brian Schwartz, David Barkow, Ryan Rinkerman, Ranger Ian, Paulo Burgos, Lucas Hannon, Jacob LaPratt, Jason Cramer, Josh Lieberman, Nolan P. Chuck Donegan, Skyren Warren (Is that the correct last name?) Michael Tiller, Chris Bryant
I've finally updated my list who traded with me.