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I'll put the site link to my collection soon but right now this is my tapes I'm going to giveaway.

Tape #8
Family Double Dare
Ready or Nots vs. Turgid Snowballs

Super Sloppy Double Dare
Salute to Baseball

You Bet Your Life- Grocho Marx
Secret Word: Wall
Secret Word: Voice
Secret Word: Head

The Price is Right Million $ Spectacular
Games: Triple Play/Plinko/Most Expensive/Double Prices/Grand Game/Range Game

Taffy/?/Nighty Note

You Bet Your Life- Grouch Marx
Secret Word: Food
Secret Word: Door

Tape #9
TPIR Salute to Police & Firefighters Special

Match Game Syndication
Robert Pine/BS/CNR/Dolly Martin/McLean Stevenson/FF; Lloyd vs. Margie

Match Game '90
Robyn vs. Marian

Card Sharks
Young People's Week: Kellie Martin vs. Bryan


Tape #10
Finders Keepers (Eure)
Ginger & Dwight vs. Mike & Jackie
Jeannean & LeQuay vs. Win & Orlando
Linda & Willie vs. Andre & Betsy

Get the Picture
Chrissy & Damon vs. Tiffany & Adam
Justin & Mary vs. Thomas & Andrea
Mike & Klara vs. Robert & Jennifer
Glenda & Paul vs. Gina & Casey

Family Feud
Tuesday of Hatfield & McCoys Special

Match Game '74
Steve Allen/Brett Somers/Charles Nelson Reilly/Fannie Flagg/Richard Dawson/Kaye Ballard; Linda vs. Valerie

Orson Bean/BS/CNR/Mary Ann Mogley/RD/BW; Elena vs. Donald

Same Celebrities: Margaret vs. Donald
Same Celebrities: Chris vs. Margaret

Tape #11

Legends of the Hidden Temple
The Levatating Dog Leash of Nostradomus
Muscle-Shelled Armor of Apanupak

Special Guest: Charlie Ward

Legends of the Hidden Temple
Golden Cage of Genghis Khan

Nikki vs. Tony vs. Robert
Keri vs. Jason vs. Isa

Nick Arcade:
Suzy & James vs. Ryan & Jennifer
Tiffani & James vs. Marsha & Brian
Nick & Issac vs. Mellisa & Jammie

Finders Keepers
James & Tracey vs. Tameka & Bobby
Harry & Belinda vs. Amy & Scott
Aaron & Kelly vs. Adam & Amy

Family Double Dare
$1,050 Win!
Sliminators vs. Blue Devils

Tape #13

Tape #18

The Price is Right (James)
Grocery Game/Any Number/ Double Prices

The Price is Right (Barker)
Grocery Game/Any Number/Clock Game
Debut of Money Game & Give or Keep
Five Price Tags/Hi Lo/Range Game
Christmas '74
Crying Guadalupe

Give or Keep/Dice Game/Safe Crackers/Double Prices/Grocery Game/Card Game
Christmas 1980

April Fools 1981

Lucky Seven/Danger Price/Punch-a-Bunch/Most Expensive/10 Chances/Bullseye

Tape #19
Mark Dauberman's $55,500 Win
Gary vs. Juanita
College Week: Heidi vs. Richard
Sara Bess vs. Chris @ Sprint
Rose vs. Bernyse @ Sprint
Ernie vs. Dorothy
Bruce vs. Cater
Bill vs. Jozy
Stanley vs. D.R.
Christmas '84
Teen Week: Debbie vs. Branden
Tournament of Champions Finals
Elaine vs. Ross
Damita Jo vs. Mike
Karyn vs. John
Crain vs. Denese
Irving vs. Tricia
John vs. Whitney
Judy vs. Michael

Tape #20
Card Sharks- Bob Eubanks
Mt. Fuji Lifts Bob
Andy vs. Adrienne
Kitty vs. Pattie
Andrew @ Money Cards
Boaz vs. Buffy
Andy @ Money Cards

Card Sharks- Bill Rafferty
Al vs. Randi
Antonio vs. Jane
Julie vs. Kevin
Kevin @ Money Cards

I'm Telling- Laurie Faso
Christmas Episode
Sisters Day
Celebrity Episode

Strike it Rich- Joe Garigiola
Linda & Paul vs. Carol & Dan
Linda & Paul vs. Linda & Rod

Tape #31
Let's Make a Deal (Brady)

Season 5 Premiere (2014/OB) 

Big Deal is Worth: $28,202 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $28,746 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $30,122 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $25,771 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $23,489 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $27,157 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $27,162 (2014/OB)

Big Deal is Worth: $29,893 (2014/OB) 

These are the tapes I have left because of mold.

I now can dub my shows to DVD now.
I do not trade for money, because that is illegal.
I also do not trade for blank tapes that's also a no no.
I only now trade shows on VHS or DVD
I was ripped off many times, so if you do a trade with me, you must send first.
Minimum is 2 hours.

These are the People who Traded with Me
Todd Cross, Greg Garsten,  Seneca John, Anton Spivack, Tammy Warner, Brian Schwartz, David Barkow, Ryan Rinkerman, Ranger Ian, Paulo Burgos, Lucas Hannon, Jacob LaPratt, Jason Cramer, Josh Lieberman, Nolan P. Chuck Donegan, Skyren Warren (Is that the correct last name?) Michael Tiller, Chris Bryant
I've finally updated my list who traded with me.